Update 2024-02-03

Published: 2 months ago

Category: Updates

  • Added yearly plans
  • Onlyfans: Fixed connect issue where it said it connected succesfully but everything was showing "undefined"
  • Onlyfans: Improved downloading of DRM videos
  • Added upcoming supporter benefits
  • Supporter max: fixed a possible issue with automatic scraping

Yearly plans

Get 2 months free when subscribing to a yearly plan.

In progress supporter benefits

  • Supporter: feedback board
  • Supporter+: Download individual posts from url
  • Supporter max: Access to download history

Feeback board

Not 100% sure yet this will be rolled out but it is an idea ...

I feel like it'd be a plus where supporters can report bugs and post suggestions on a private/public board in stead of e-mailing me. You'd be able to vote for each suggestion, establishing the priority of what is the most needed.

Download individual posts from url

100% sure this will come. You're gonna browse to a specific post where u want the content from, copy the url of that post, paste it on the website and it'll download ONLY the media from that post for you.

Access to download history

For our great people who have a supporter max subscription, you'll be able to view your previous downloaded content, which basicly means you can view that specific content from anywhere on any device.