How to connect from mobile

Published: 2 months ago

Category: Tutorials

Ngl, it's tricky to start downloading on mobile, but technically you can do it with a few steps.


This one is fairly simple. You only need the Authorization header. The header value is also not dependent on browser or device.

The easiest way is to get the authorization header one time on PC and put it on your phone.

Putting it on your phone can be as simple as

  • using an app that syncs data to all your devices

An example here is Google Keep. Your notes synchronize to all your devices, you just have to go to on PC to paste it and on mobile to copy it

  • taking a picture of it
  • typing it over


For onlyfans we need 2 values to connect: xbc and session cookie. Getting these values is a way more trickier as Onlyfans is way more strict.

The x-bc and session cookie is different per device and browser/user agent.

Eg you can't use the same session cookie as on PC. Onlyfans matches the cookie value with your user-agent and on phone these won't match. You'll get logged out everywhere if you try this.

So let's find out on how we get these values

  1. Use a browser that can support extensions

From this step forward, I'm gonna use Firefox Android


  1. Install the extension MobiDevTools

With this app you can find your x-bc and cookie value - just like you'd do on PC.

In the firefox app

  • click on the triple dots
  • add-ons
  • search more add-ons
  • search for "mobidevtools"
  • click on "add to firefox" and confirm
  1. Browse to and login

Firefox might give a notification about DRM media and asking for permission. Just allow it.

  1. Activate the installed extension

Triple dots > add-ons > mobile dev tools

If the extension takes too much space, you can change it in settings > display size

  1. Press the network tab and tap on any link or picture.

To make some requests show.

  1. Find and view a json request

You'll see some requests that happend, tap on a request with type "json" and tap on the eye icon

Click for image

  1. Scroll down and copy the xbc value

session cookie

Now for the cookie value, you would expect that if you tap on the "resources" tab you'd see your session cookie ...

But in fact, it is not there! (at least when i tried)

I've had to install a second extension that actually shows all cookies from a site.

  1. Install extension Cookie editor
  2. Go back to

Log in if not already

  1. Open the "cookie editor" extension

Triple dots > add-ons > cookie-editor

When it's the first time you'll have to allow the extension some permissions to read the cookies.

  1. Find and copy the session cookie

Scroll down to "sess", open the collapse element and copy the value

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