AdonisJS v6 | Major update 2024-05-27

Published: 28 days ago

Category: Updates


  • Upgraded the whole project, AdonisJS, to v6
  • Increased supporter max trial to 7 days
  • Connecting to Fansly will now happen almost instantly

Subscription list

  • Sorted subscriptions based on username
  • The list is now a table in stead of multiple collapse elements


  • Download form will now open on the right, in stead of a "drawer"
    • Changed overall design
  • Onlyfans: downloading stories and highlight stories will now take the selected kinds into account
  • Fansly: downloading messages and stories will now take the selected kinds into account

New content type: "PostsLabel"

It is now possible to download media from posts from a specific label. Labels are like a category for posts that creators create and organize. Archived posts are an example of such category.

This content type is available for both Onlyfans and Fansly. If the content type is not shown in the download form, it means there are no labels for that account you're trying to download.

Example how labels look like on Onlyfans and Fansly:

lables fansly labels onlyfans

How it is shown in the download form:

list of labels choose label


  • Tokens are now stored differently with AdonisJS 6, meaning existing tokens have been deleted. API users will have to create new tokens on the api page again.
  • Removed endpoint DELETE - /api/token
  • Redis is now used for caching in stead of database.


  • Fixed pagination
  • Added "last edited" date if a blog post was edited after creation