Remaining WIP features

Published: 10 months ago

Category: News

After extended periods of testing and researching, the upcoming feature:

  • Supporter+: Loyalfans connection

.. might not make it to the service. Lets talk about it in depth:

At first I've been able to retrieve almost every media on loyalfans but while testing something happened to my test loyalfans account, and it might happen to your account too.

It got suspended.

To access loyalfans api, it works like fansly, you only need a token, after doing some requests with the token and looking at how their API is build, I suddenly got a "Forbidden" response. I checked my browser and i was logged out, after logging in again there it was: "This account is suspended. Contact support!"

Like what. I'm doing the requests just like a browser. After contacting their support mail, it was confirmed:

  • "The account was suspended for improper usage. It was detected that you were using a program or browser that rips content from the site. The suspension will remain."

Loyalfans might have better security against "ripping content" (i wasn't ripping, just exploring their API) but it's still possible as a guest, so what gives. Although if someone has a "dummy" loyalfans account that I could test with, I could investigate this more. (If so, contact me)


Loyalfans won't be supported for now as there's a risk of your account getting suspended and I'm not gonna let that happen to all of your accounts.